#1 reason that most websites fail

Number 1 reason websites fail

by / Tuesday, 15 April 2014 / Published in Your Website

What is the number 1 reason websites fail very quickly?

Very large number of business owners want a website that looks great with all those shiny objects and the way a website looks seem to be more important than whether the same website generate sales or whether it grows your database.

What I would like to share with you here in this post is the fact that turning around an under performing website isn’t always that difficult.
It takes some thinking about the way to achieve certain results in relation to your industry but essentially the steps you need to take are the same regardless of the type of your business.

The #1 reason why websites fail to deliver is a mismatch between messages being delivered on the site and the purpose of the website.

In my latest research I found out that 94% of the websites do not have clear purpose.
What does lack of website’s purpose mean to visitors?
It means visitors will have no idea what they are suppose to do once they land on your home page.

If you sell products online, is every part of the website maximised to reach this goal?
If your goal is for visitor to call you, have you thought of different ways to achieve that?
It might be that you require visitor’s email address in order to grow your database?

Whatever that is, you need to figure out quickly and make some changes on your website.
The most of the websites do not have any purpose, they just tell visitor “what we do”, so-called “brochure” site.

Now you know what the biggest reason is for websites to under-perform.
It’s your turn now to make changes….

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