The World Is Moving Online…

Digital marketing is the cutting edge – approach it wrong and it will hurt. Handle it carefully though, and there are substantial rewards to be snaffled. The world is moving online. We’re carrying the web in our pockets, it’s there in the corner of our google Glasses, and Apple wants us to be wearing it on our wrists.

Lots of businesses have used the power of digital marketing to create explosive growth. You can too. Digital just means online, and the basics are simple…Website. Google. Facebook. Instagram. Email. There’s nothing complicated about doing it. But there is a skill to doing it right.

We all know that ‘the journey of a thousands miles begins with one step’ yet it seems so many business owners forget this on a daily basis when faced with their enormous lists of things to do online. The majority concentrate on wrong online challenges like keep redesigning their websites instead of building their database of contacts or communicating with their past customers.

Redesigning your website rarely has much impact on sales. It’s restructuring your marketing strategy together with the website that is built on the foundations of that marketing strategy, that propels sales. The key is to build solid foundations for your online activities and stop doing isolated, sporadic and half-baked campaigns and social media updates with no strategy in place.


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From the start of 2019 we have transformed online presence for 30 local businesses in the North West. We could tell you how good our work is but we think your own eyes could do it better than we ever could.

Please take a look at our case studies below. These are all examples of local businesses that have been transformed as a result of our relationship.

How effective is your website at converting visitors into new customers?

The most effective way of getting someone to stay on your site and begin a relationship with you, is to offer them something of high value – and the very best thing you can offer, is free but valuable information. Download the report on this page where I explain in more detail how to achieve this.

Most websites are extremely ineffective at converting visitors into new customers. The purpose of your website is to turn visitors from Google Ads and other promotional activities into prospects for your company. Maximising the conversion rate on your website is critical to your success.

Make sure you:
• Have a clear, compelling offer for your prospects
• Create powerful sales driven copy that will maximise your response
• Integrate your videos on your page
• Have a clear ‘call-to-action’
• Ensure that the colours and graphics on the page maximise response

In the new world of digital marketing, the homepage of your website is your shop window. When potential customers check out your website they will arrive at your home page and make a decision on whether they like and trust you within seconds.

How do they make that key decision? By reading the words on your homepage. Those few paragraphs are the most important words in your business. Get the wording on your homepage right and you have a customer magnet. Get it wrong and you will lose these potential customers forever.

The copy used for your homepage is perfect for use in other areas of your business, such as brochures, ads, telephone scripts etc. Keeping a consistent message across all forms of media is great for your brand.

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