Focus on your ideal customer and speak to them at an emotional level

Landing pages for local businesses

by / Wednesday, 23 April 2014 / Published in Landing Pages

Landing or squeeze pages? Are they part of your business?

I am sure you heard it before. Landing pages. Squeeze pages. But what are they and what is their purpose?

The purpose of a landing pages for local businesses is really very simple – it’s to convert prospects and to generate leads. They are called ‘squeeze’ pages because they effectively ‘squeeze’ the visitor into either leaving the website or submitting some contact information – there is nothing else they can do on the page and nowhere else they can go or browse. There are no links to anywhere and this is vitally important in the success of most squeeze pages.

To make them work for your business, there are several points you need to be aware of. The most important one is that your landing page is focused on your ideal customer and speaks to them at an emotional level. You should definitely avoid landing pages that are targeting ‘anyone’. If you speak to your ideal customer (for example dance school wants to target only primary schools in certain area) you will be able to define your marketing message in such a detail and connect emotionally with a visitor.

The next very important point is a strong headline. It needs to be attention grabbing and needs to stand out of the crowd.

My personal preference is that every squeeze page should feature a short video up to 60 seconds long. Video squeeze pages converts much better than non-video ones and, of course, what’s in the video is also crucial here. You have to persuade your ideal customer that what you have for them behind the squeeze page is worthy of them giving you their contact information. So many business owners are lazy here as they don’t do enough thinking about pulling together the right ‘bait’ to attract prospects.

Think of many products your business offer. Think about many ‘ideal’ customers your could work with. You should have dozens of squeeze pages bringing new leads every single day into your CRM.

Landing or squeeze pages are not part of your business? I urge you to think twice, this is brilliant way to generate the constant stream of leads into your business.

I would be interested what you think about this subject and if you need any help with the strategy or creating landing pages just get in touch or leave the comment below.

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