How to build followers to your Linkedin company page

LinkedIn Company Page Part 2

by / Thursday, 08 May 2014 / Published in Social Media

Build Followers

It’s all about awareness. The best way to grow your page is by letting people know about it. Putting the LinkedIn follow button wherever within e-mail footers, social media profiles, blogs, websites is very effective way to increase the number of followers.

There is one very important point that you should be aware of:

The number of followers isn’t what matters to your company, rather, it’s all about having quality and engaged followers. Finding out what topics are hot and creating content that caters to those trending topics is another effective way to increase your company’s following.

Having a decent number of followers will increase the profile of your business and more importantly increase the chance of your content being shared or commented on across various social media platforms.

It takes some effort to grow your linkedin company page followers just as it takes some effort to build ‘likes’ to your Facebook page otherwise your updates will be seen only by someone who is searching for your company or accidentally coming across it!

If you’ve got staff, get them on LinkedIn and link them to your company page. Your staff should share updates with their connections. Follow the company pages of those businesses who could be potential customers as well as current clients and suppliers.

You can also send messages to your LinkedIn connections asking them to follow your page. Explain the benefits of following your company page why they should do so.

Don’t stop there! Promote it offline too! Include your LinkedIn company page URL on your business cards and other stationary.

Keep your updates relevant and interesting. It is not all about your business, make your updates useful to the people who are reading them. This is your opportunity to establish your company as an authority within your industry.

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