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LinkedIn Company Pages Part 1

by / Wednesday, 07 May 2014 / Published in Social Media

How do you position yourself as an expert and raise the profile of your business in the same time?
One of the ways to achieve this is to draw more attention to LinkedIn Company Pages.
Regardless of the size of your business, it’s now accepted wisdom that you need to have a well-developed business presence on LinkedIn.

I’ve summarised the four main key points that you should follow in order to take your company page to the next level. The first one is:

Part 1: Create or update your company page

Let’s start with some of the stats:

There are more than 3.1 million company pages as per end of 2013
There are 157 different industries represented on company pages
There are 1,311,000 products and services highlighted across LinkedIn company pages

One of the best ways of increasing brand awareness is by being helpful when engaging with followers on a regular basis. The key is to have an engaging and regularly updated content to keep people interested. We’ve got used uploading images, videos and other content through Facebook and Twitter – we just need to extend this thinking to LinkedIn. There are several useful features that LinkedIn provides like adding images, banners, links, videos and blog integration – you just need to use it!

Since company pages are indexed by search engines just like any other pages, you need to make sure you describe your business in terms of benefits to your customer and include appropriate keywords.
Think about ‘specialties’ and ‘expertise’ your business covers and again include keywords you have researched previously.

The next step would be to complete the individual products and services pages. You will be able to add links to your landing pages, videos or special offers or promotions. By using all these features you will stand out from the crowd very quickly. A great way to be memorable!

I hope you found the Part 1 of this tutorial beneficial, within part 2 I will explain how to build followers to your company page.

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