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You are going to love this!

by / Friday, 21 March 2014 / Published in News

Just came back from my weekly meeting with my business group in Bury. It was brilliant to welcome some visitors and learn about what they do. Really nice people.

Now onto the special offer at this time of the year. I have done this only once before and I am doing it again now. Some of you will be skeptical, some of you might think there is a catch and some of you will call me back straight away.

Here it goes: I will build a completely new website FREE OF CHARGE for your business no matter what industry you are in. The website I will build for you is the kind of website that your competitors would love to have. Normally you would pay anywhere between £1000 to £3000 for this kind of website depending of complexity. It will be responsive and completely mobile ready, will have blog added so you can build relationship with prospects and clients, will have SEO done to the last page and even more I will show you how you can generate constant flow of prospects coming onto your site.

What do I need from you? In order to qualify you need to be following these points below:

1. I will pick one business out of my LinkedIn connections who leaves the comment below this post expressing interest in this offer.
2. You need to be connected to me on LinkedIn (if you are not then just send me an invite to connect on LinkedIn and I will accept)
3. If I pick you, you will provide me with four GENUINE referrals. These referrals will be businesses that either do not have website or they plan to redo their current website. These referrals will be warmed up by yourself and they will expect my call.
4. The website will be hosted on my own hosting (this makes my life easier as there will be no third party in between)

Basically not much for you to do. You just need to go through your contacts and think of people that are interested in updating their website, give them a call, confirm and tell them I will call.

That’s it. There is no catch. If this is of interest to you then leave the comment below (just fill the details and message area) and leave your contact details so I can get in touch. Also tell me what your business is and your website url.

Last time I did this the hardest bit was for me to pick the business to work with as I had so many replies but that’s fine, I can cope with that 🙂

Any questions please get in touch through making a comment below and I will reply straight away
alternatively you can call me on 0783 338 6160.


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  1. Wonderful Idea, I hope you will get the referrals for more websites. You have done fantastic work on the Bury BNI site, Dolphin seminars, and all other sites I know are done by you.
    Good luck to every contestant.

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